Foundation Year Head Technician

Reports to: Head of Foundation and Young Artist Learning

Salary: £15 per hour

Hours: 8hrs a day 4 days a week for 42 weeks of the year. In addition the role will include occasional Saturday work and additional hours during busy times (both term time and non-term time).

Location: Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, E14 (and other locations on an occasional basis as required)

Overall job purpose: To manage and oversee a high standard of technical support to the tutors and students of the School’s Foundation Year Programme and all other education provision at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Working with the Foundation Year Programme Manager to deliver a high level of student satisfaction whereby all students are able to benefit from the course, to the greatest extent possible.


Specific duties


·      Manage the team of studio technicians on The Foundation Year course

·      Take responsibility for ensuring there is always adequate technical support by managing the technician rota and technician hours within the timetable. 

·      Coordinate technician days within the budget and needs of the course, making sure there is cover at all times including when necessary, Saturdays, Holiday work, during busy times and the annual painting trip to Dumfries House.

·      Lead on additional projects, development or improvement works for the facilities and technical provisions of the course. 



·      Develop an effective and practical working method across all of the workshops (Print, Photography, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture).

·      Ensure equipment is fit for use, well maintained and correctly used at all times.

·      Lead on additional projects, building development plans or improvement works for the facilities and technical provisions of the course. 

·      Stock check of all materials.

·      Organise and timetable all materials preparation.

·      Plan and induct students on photographing work in UCAS digital portfolio sessions.

·      Lead on the show build:

o   Create exhibition plans based on student proposal (technical needs and practicalities) and relay to curation team.

o   Build and plan show walls for exhibition.

o   Undertake carpentry and other DIY works as required (construction of shelves, plinths and partitions).

o   Respond to any other technical requirements for the show, within the capacity of the School.


Advice and support

·      Provide technical advice and guidance to students in their artistic practice and learning as appropriate.

·      Provide effective support and advice to tutors: leading on communication with tutors for project brief material lists and workshop set-up requirements.

·      Maintain a high-level of awareness of students’ work and needs and as a key member of staff, work with colleagues and self-employed tutors to ensure that the course provides the greatest support and benefit to students that can be achieved.

·      Liaise with the Young Artist Programme to ensure that activity at TBW is viable and technically supported for the Saturday provision.  


Health and Safety

Take the lead responsibility for the timetabling, allocation and completion of all Health and Safety tasks for all aspects of the course, including:

·      Ensure that all activity are conducted in accordance with the School’s Health & Safety policy and generally accepted best practice.

·      Fire Safety

·      Establish an appropriate studio culture amongst students as part of their artistic training and organise students to help keep the studio in good order.

·      Work with the Head of Foundation and Foundation Year Manager to ensure students, staff and tutors are aware of and understand the H&S procedures.

·      Create and timetable risk assessments for all aspects of the course (inc. exhibition and school trips).

·      COSHH assessments and safety data sheets.

·      Tutors, models and staff’s Health and Safety inductions.

·      Ensure organised storage of materials and equipment; maintain effective security controls, including locking draws, cupboards and doors as required.

·      Responsibility extends to ensuring that the School’s expectations of the students are met and supported.

·      Identify any need for maintenance / repairs and resolve as required (either directly or through sub-contractors).

·      Represent the TBW site at Health and Safety meetings



·      Act as a budget holder for materials and technical support hours.

·      Deliver the relevant finance documents in a timely manner as required.

·      Lead on the purchasing of materials within delegated budget.


Essential Knowledge, Skills and Qualities

·      Knowledge of the operational requirements of a busy teaching studio and relevant health & safety requirements

·      Experience of a wide range of fine art practice, materials and technical support across drawing, painting, painting, sculpture, animation, printmaking and photography

·      Carpentry and DIY skills

·      Comfortable with use of standard PC/Mac software (inc. Excel, Word and Outlook), audio-visual systems

·      Demonstrated ability to independently timetable, organise, manage workload and priorities tasks

·      Demonstrate pro-activity in resolving issues

·      Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with self-employed tutors and students (aged 18-20)

·      Enthusiasm, willingness and flexibility to get involved with a range of tasks

·      Being a team player

·      Demonstrated ability to maintain a professional and approachable attitude, even at times with heavy workloads 

·      Experience of managing a team

·      Experience of working creatively with young people and/or young adults

·      Maintaining your personal artistic practice

Deadline: Wednesday 31st July, (midnight)

To apply, email your CV and a cover letter to