Susan Bacon

  • Faculty


Susan Bacon studied Sculpture and Drawing at City & Guilds and the Royal Academy, where she won the British Institution Prize for Sculpture. She works on private commissions from her studio in Norfolk, and on projects with arts institutions based on Theatre/Music/ Drama. She teaches Drawing from the Imagination at the Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch.

On drawing

Drawing is at the heart of what I do – channelling the unseen spirit of an idea into the physical presence of a piece of work. I have studied many different approaches to drawing and mark making, and together with a training that spanned 6 years in arts education that involved many ways of seeing and interpreting the world around us, I have attempted to direct these into my own personal understanding of the sparseness of good drawing. I believe that each artist has his own style and spirit, and with the various tools of good practice can develop a style that will be unique to each person. Gaudier Breszka, Parmiganino, Haiku, and Japanese Calligraphy.

Susan Bacon