Tara Versey

  • Faculty
  • Bespoke Courses Faculty
  • Alumni, 2010


Tara studied Fine Art at Camberwell and London Metropolitan University, where she specialised in printmaking. She went on to study on The Drawing Year at The Prince's Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School) in 2010. During her time there she was fortunate to receive the Richard Ford Award, enabling her to spend a month in Madrid looking and drawing in the Prado. Tara has worked on commissioned projects including a portrait of a veteran from The Battle of Britain- shown in the RAF museum. Since completing The Drawing Year, Tara continues to work part time teaching on the Royal Drawing School's Drawing Clubs and at Drawing School Central, as well as offering private drawing tuition. The majority of her time is dedicated to pursuing her own work in painting, drawing and printmaking.

On drawing

I draw because I cannot say what it means to me. It is an energy beyond words. In an attempt to put down words as something of an explanation –

Drawing is a desire to penetrate deep feelings of intensity within myself and the world around me – in the hope that I may find something beyond the surface. It is something rather than nothing. Drawing calms, yet stimulates. Drawing is feeling. Drawing is seeing. Drawing is concentration. Drawing is meaningful. Drawing is fundamental to my work and me – it is the foundation to lay before anything else can arise.

Tara Versey