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Andy Pankhurst studied and taught at the Slade School of Fine Art. He is a figurative painter with work represented in various public, corporate and private collections and museums in the UK and USA. Andy exhibits with Browse & Darby in London, with his most recent show of paintings and drawings in November 2014. He is the co-author with Lucinda Hawksley of "What Makes Great Art", published 2012 (Frances Lincoln).

On drawing

Drawing is abstract and conceptual, not just an exercise in copying. I therefore teach students ‘ways of thinking’ rather than ‘how to do it’. A great misconception of our time is that drawing from observation is a mindless activity. Over a decade ago while teaching life drawing at the Slade School, I discovered that students were being told that attending a life class would render them a vegetable. I believe the opposite, that life drawing encourages thought and the formulation of ideas. 

One of the best ways to learn the art of picture making is through the study of the Masters from the past. When referring to and drawing from such works you can read their ideas and their language. Every time we draw it has to be about something. The ideas we have about art are the foundation from which we attempt to manifest a visual configuration that resembles and expresses our concepts. 

Andy Pankhurst


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