Ann Dowker

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Ann Dowker is a painter, draughtsman and printmaker. She taught at Chelsea School of Art and the Byam Shaw School of Art for 10 years, is a freelance tutor at The National Gallery and has tutored at the Royal Drawing School since it was founded in 2000. She printed for many years for and with Leon Kossoff and was involved in the curating of his show at the National Gallery. Ann has exhibited with Theo Waddington, Angela Flowers and Art Space Gallery and has been in many mixed shows. She now works between London and Egypt.

On drawing

My work is totally dependent on drawing; the armature which holds and supports my ideas and feelings. Through the process of drawing one begins to understand form, weight, mass, structure and space, which is never negative but elemental and tactile. While drawing I am in the moment – it is a conduit through which I claim and hold the subject in my mind. A time, a space and most importantly a 'painting light' emerges; all this contributes to forming a kind of reality.

Ann Dowker