Clare Newbolt

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Clare Newbolt was born in London in 1956. She attended Camberwell School of Art & Crafts (1973-1977) before living and painting in Italy for a year and in the USA for two years. In 2002 she had a three month residency at the Josef and Annie Albers Foundation, Connecticut, USA. Clare has illustrated cookery and children's books, exhibited textiles in Japan, and drawings in London and the USA. Her 'Colour Notes for Children' was published in 2006. In 2012 she was awarded a Doctoral Degree from the Prince's School of Traditional Arts 2012 entitled 'Art is the Imitation of Nature in Her Manner of Operation'. She has taught drawing and painting in schools to children of all ages, as well as to adults at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, the Royal Drawing School, and from her studio in Cambridge. 

On drawing

As a painter, experience has taught me that each artist has their small amount of territory: their small talent gives them a deeply felt relationship with an aspect of Nature. In drawing the struggle to prove this has very little to do with copying what is seen. A better image to describe the artistic effort is losing of oneself in the subject and of the subject in oneself so that these two become one. The more intimate and confiding the drawing of the space the more magical the effect.

Clare Newbolt


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