Francis Hoyland

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Francis Hoyland's series of 35 etchings about St Francishave recently been acquired by The British Museum's Department of Prints and Drawings. Since completing the series he has focused on religious paintings in the winter and in the summer he is a cat, garden and wife painter. Because he is working so much with imagined figures he is hungry for information. This has enabled him to search diligently for information from the model. This search has been conducted in the company of his students and he thinks it benefits both parties. He believes that each talent is unique and that the needs of each student are different. His vocation as a teacher is to empathise with and serve everyone. During his time as Course Director of Fine Art at Camberwell, he worked with conceptual artists, which enabled him to see his own position clearly and to respect other disciplines.

On drawing

Drawing has special importance to me, drawing as an activity in its own right and drawing as part of painting, which is why I have a special reverence for painter/draftsman like Van Gogh and Rembrandt: Van Gogh who made drawing such a integral part of his painting that every touch was drawn, and Rembrandt who embraced the whole world with his draftsmanship, his directionally orientated marks expressing his compassion.

Francis Hoyland