Gethin Evans

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Gethin Evans was previously Course Director at Byam Shaw School of Art between 1991 and 2011. He has taught on BA courses at UCA Farnham and Falmouth School of Art and has been a visiting lecturer to the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Gethin is a painter and has exhibited in the Discerning Eye, Sunday Times Watercolour Competition, the Whitechapel Open and Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions. He has also exhibited at the Streetroad Gallery in Pennsylvania and the Paradox Art Fair in New York. He has a studio in East London.

On drawing

Drawing is at the core of everything I do; it 'feeds' my ideas and enables me to construct images. I use a range of drawing media in order to 'open up' painting ideas and the specifics of the paintings are influenced by the range of possibilities involved in the drawings - from the more analytical 'mapping' of the composition to the accidental and the intuitive events which occur during the process.   The drawings I make directly from observation, exploring space, form and image over a period of time, allow me to identify and engage with changes in light, mood and atmosphere and involve an intense 'long distance' experience. Although I view these drawings as independent pieces of work they also inform the numerous drawings and studies that I construct in preparation for painting.

Gethin Evans


Drawing, Painting