Harriet Miller

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Harriet Miller studied Foundation at Chelsea School of Art, and her BA at St Martin's School of Art (1983-1986), before working in New York for two years, where she received various commissions. She then did her MA at the Royal College of Art (1990) and was awarded the Berkeley Square Gallery Award and a residency at Delfina Studios, London. Harriet has exhibited in London and Europe and had a recent retrospective entitled Studio Paintings 1989 – 2010 at Swiss Cottage Library Gallery. She lives and works in London and has spent much time in Suffolk and Cornwall.

On drawing

Central to my work as a painter is the on the spot drawing, watercolour or oil sketch – mostly in small sketchbooks – recording and observing places and subjects, light and colour. These are a means to an end and provide a knowledge only got by looking and drawing, that I can then take to my studio. Having made the study,the sketches exist, but so also does the memory of the thing, which can be recalled sometimes years later without referring to the initial study. This forms the basis to my studio paintings, which are more reduced to particular shapes, forms and rhythms such as diamonds and stripes, amongst other things. I value working with students both in the life room and outside in the city, where learning through observation is an enjoyable mutual experience.

Harriet Miller