Maggie Jennings

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Maggie Jennings works from her printmaking and painting studio in East London. Exuberant, colourful and vibrant, her work celebrates the energy of living things. She works with the vigour and dynamism that she perceives in the world around her to produce strong sensuous images. All forms of printmaking fascinate her, and she also draws constantly in the form of a diary. She did her Masters in Printmaking at Chelsea School of Art, London, and has taken workshops in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Romania. She was Artist in Residence at the University of Westminster and received a Greek Government Scholarship and a Scholarship to the International University of Santa Cruz, Canary Isles. She has work in national and international collections and is currently writing a book on screenprinting.

On drawing

At the Royal Drawing School I teach etching and intaglio printing. Seeing is the basis of all I do. I draw to immerse myself in what I see. What happens between eye and hand is the most exciting, unknown and unknowable part. It is never totally in one's control and that is what keeps one intrigued and always striving. Similar is the journey from the first marks on an etching plate to finished print. Printmaking could be said to be a distillation of one's ideas, offering a clear structure and definable limits. Each print technique gives a new vocabulary. It is fascinating to investigate and become familiar with ancient techniques, then exhilarating to learn to push and extend the boundaries for your own use. As a tutor I am constantly fascinated by and enjoy guiding my students' journey from first ideas to producing a print.

Maggie Jennings