Paul Gopal-Chowdhury

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Paul Gopal-Chowdhury studied at the Slade, was artist in residence in Cambridge, and previously a Gregory Fellow in Leeds University. He taught at Chelsea School of Art and the Byam Shaw School of Art for 12 years. He has exhibited widely and is currently represented by Art Space Gallery, London.

On drawing

Drawing is a way of seeing. In my case, drawing and painting have always been linked. I started as a painter "from life"; a misleading term. What that meant for me was drawing and painting tactile surfaces. The colour in my paintings was constantly informed and modified by drawing (see my image of " Yvonne " below). But because there are things which change, move and evaporate, a different conventional code of drawing and painting was needed and I started working towards one which could incorporate everything. Of course, this is impossible. An artist has to decide what his or her painting and drawing is about and then find a suitable language. This means working in many different ways, exploring different aspects of the visual world. In recent years, I have made a number of painting-drawings. Images which have grown out of other images. Drawing on the past, combining it with the present, using two or more, different languages in one work, making a new whole which is constantly changing.  

Paul Gopal-Chowdhury