Thomas Newbolt

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Thomas Newbolt was born in 1951 and studied at Camberwell School of Art from 1970-74. He exhibited at Roland Browse and Delbanco from 1974-77, at Browse and Darby from 1977-2007 and now at Piano Nobile Fine Art. Thomas was Artist in Residence (Fellow Commoner in the Creative Arts) at Trinity College, Cambridge from 1979-81 and Harkness Fellow at the University of Virginia from 1981-83. He has taught at Camberwell, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee 1983, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge School of Art) and the Royal Drawing School.

On drawing

In their different ways oil painting, aquatints, charcoal drawings, watercolours and sketchbooks require that you draw intensely, attentively and as if everything depended on the result. Increasingly it is a state of mind, concentrating on the subject more than the means or on skills that permits a coming together of elements which may mean nothing individually but seen together make an appalling truth, a sombre beauty, a dance of joy.

Thomas Newbolt