Drawing from Home: Young Artists Christmas Still Life

Dec. 16, 2021

These drawing exercises are taken from our recent Printing Festive Feasts course, taught by Matilda Ellis. Your Young Artist can choose to work from the still life photo within this blog, or you could set up your own still life at home. Otherwise all you need is some paper, pencils and a rubber! 

Young Artists christmas still life

Warm up drawings 

Young artists will make fast warm up drawings working from objects in the still life, between 1-5 minutes long with different challenges:

  1. Using your opposite drawing hand (2 minutes)
  2. Without looking at the paper (no cheating!) (2 minutes)
  3. With your eyes closed (1 minute)
  4. Using both hands at once (3 minutes)
  5. Using smooth flowing lines (3 minutes)
  6. Using dots (5 minutes)
  7. Only drawing the shadows that you see (5 minutes)

Longer drawing

This exercise will be a 20 minute sustained drawing of the still life composition, either working from the photo supplied here, or from your own still life at home. Young artists can choose the angle they would like to work from and make a sustained study capturing the form and texture of the still life setup.

Tag us in your drawings on Instagram @royaldrawingschool or Twitter @RoyalDrawing so we can share your artworks!

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