Inspired by the V&A: Drawing into Sculpture

Feb. 11, 2020

This course takes students from working in two-dimensions to three-dimensions over the course of 5 days. Students will draw from the diverse collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum before working their drawings into sculpted heads back in the studio. Suitable for all levels, including beginners, students will be led through various techniques and methods that allow them to transform their drawings into sculptures…

In part the course aims to enable students who already have some experience in drawing and sculpture to challenge, develop and refine what they already know. For those who have not had a lot of experience in practical drawing and sculpture, this course provides a sort of foundation that enables a choice of possibilities and a chance to discover an approach to drawing and sculpture that they might respond to technically or creatively. This will allow students to find an artistic foothold from which to chart their own course and creative thinking in art.
I see my role as being to provide information, structure, technical support and inspiration in the subject, to initiate hard work and create a good atmosphere. I will support all students individually in what they are doing, be it simple and fundamental aspects of drawing or sculpting or aesthetic issues connected to a student's own practice which relates to the course. My ultimate aim is to open up unfamiliar artistic avenues inspired from different cultures at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and to cultivate ability in a warm enjoyable environment.

- Marcus Cornish, tutor


This course uses the rich collection at the V&A Museum as its resource. Students will visit the museum up to three times during the week to spend time drawing directly from the collection. Each day we will examine the different cultures represented at the museum either on site or in the studio with reproductions, and through drawing, find a way to understand the distinct attitude, philosophy and sensibility that the cultures bring to their feeling for and handling of materials and subject. 

IMG_1126 B&W.jpg


In the studio, we will work with a model, exploring the approach discovered whilst working from the collection, to sculpt a head. At the end of the week it is intended that we will have a number of small heads and drawings each suffused with a distinctly different sense. 



This highly structured course is intended to appeal to those wanting to extend and develop their ways of seeing and working through art, examining the age old relationship between sculpture, drawing and painting, and the draughtsmanship issues connected with using drawing as an interpretive and constructional tool. Beyond this we hope to have an enjoyable, stimulating and productive time...


Inspired by the V&A: Drawing into Sculpture

Tutor: Marcus Cornish

Dates: 20 - 24 April 10am - 5pm

Locations: Shoreditch studios and V&A Museum