International Residencies - Open for Alumni Applications...

Feb. 19, 2020

Each year the alumni of our postgraduate-level programme, The Drawing Year, are invited to apply for national and international funded artist residencies organised by the School.

The School's International Residency Programme has been running since 2013 and provides alumni with the time, space and resources so necessary to the continual development of their artistic practice. Alumni have taken part in residencies in India, the USA, China and Spain. This year, applications are now open for the Moritz-Heyman Residency in Pignano, Italy; the Hafod Residency, Wales; the Hanover Grange Residency, Jamaica and the Dumfries House Residency, Scotland.

The Moritz-Heyman Residency, Italy

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The Moritz-Heyman Residency in Tuscany offers funded residencies available throughout the year, lasting two - three weeks, which include the use of a combined studio and accommodation space on the Borgo Pignano estate. The emphasis on this residency is working from observation and the development of new work in rural surrounding. 

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'It was wonderful to have this dedicated time and space to make work, and for introspection. Being able to work without distractions, while having everything I needed was just wonderful. The studio space and living arrangements are fantastic; this great setup made for a really productive stay.' Charlie Masson, Artist in Residence 2020Pignano2.jpg

The Hafod Residency, Wales

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The Hafod Residency in Wales is based on the Hafod Estate, 12 miles south-east of Aberystwyth. The estate is widely regarded as a supreme example of the picturesque landscape in the British Isles, and has been depicted by artists such as Warwick Smith in the 18th Century, and John Piper in the 20th Century. This residency opportunity offers two artists accommodation and use of a studio for two weeks. Artists will stay in the Victorian Cottage, Pwll Pendre and have access to a shared studio which is a 10 minute walk from the cottage. 


'The Hafod Residency was incredible - definitely a challenging experience, which I hoped for when I applied. It was quite a jarring transition to a quiet and still Welsh landscape, but I got a bit too comfortable with it all in the end and then found myself back in London with sirens just outside my window every so often. It was fantastic for Dave and Simo to start us off with the hike around estate; they gave us informative and fascinating information about the history of the area, plus extra info about the mushrooms we passed!' Stefan Tiburcio, Artist in Residence 2019

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The Hanover Grange Residency, Jamaica

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The Hanover Grange Residency is hosted at Hanover Grange, the home of Andrew and Theresa Roberts, long-standing supporters of the Royal Drawing School. The residency offers two artists two weeks drawing and painting and would suit landscape painters, as the property offers a variation of inspiring landscapes from the gardens to beach and jungle. The residency will give the artists the opportunity to meet and work with other local artists who are based in the city of Kingston. The artists will also have the chance to visit the main visual Arts School in Kingston, Edna Manley College, opening the residency up as a cultural exchange. 

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'I found myself returning several times to the huge silk cotton tree, the coast, the river and the marshy ponds. I had proposed that I would spend time working from coral reefs, and I was excited to find that this really was possible - I went snorkelling several times, and took a trip on the glass bottom boat. It turns out that Jamaica is on a fault line that means there are fossil corals built into lots of the rocks and cliffs too! I have gathered so many memories and encounters to work from back in the studio.' Cheri Smith, Artist in Residence 2019


The Dumfries House Residency, Scotland


Funded artist residencies at Dumfries House are available throughout the year, and provide a private studio and self-catering accommodation on the Dumfries House estate for up to four artists at any one time. This is a unique opportunity for painters, textile and furniture designers, illustrators, practice-based researchers and applied artists who use drawing in their practice. The emphasis is on working from observation and the development of new work. 


'Drawings, paintings, and sculptures flowed out of me, I had trouble fitting all of the work that I made into my suitcase when it was time to go home. And after a long day in the studio, punctuated by lunch and, if I was lucky enough to take another break before the cafe closed, afternoon tea, I would return “home” to our little apartment where I would eat dinner with my fellow residents. For one, all too short month while I was at Dumfries House, this was how I lived. It was my own little slice of paradise.' Emilie Gossiaux, Artist in Residence 2019


To find out more information about the International Residencies Programme and to apply, click here

The deadline for applications is Monday 16 March 2020