Online courses are here to stay. Hear from some of our students...

Oct. 14, 2020

For students living outside of London or abroad, those who have specific access needs or have found it difficult to fit a course into a working week, our online programme will continue to run alongside our studio-based programme enabling you to draw with us, wherever you are. Continue to develop your practice from home - all you need is a good internet connection and your materials. 

Why Draw Online...

Using Zoom and Padlet (an online notice board used to share artwork, reference material and feedback) our online courses are keeping our existing community together, and expanding it, welcoming students from all over the world. These courses offer one-to-one feedback from our faculty and group crits as well as being a space to share ideas, learn from one another and push your practice in a new direction.lockdownstudio view hannah.jpg

Home studio, Hannah Tilson


Photo: @pwenman

I am based in the central part of the United States. With a time zone difference of 6 hours, I had to rearrange my sleeping patterns. But, I had no problem being motivated to start class at 4:00am….it was worth it!!  Public Programme student (online course)


Photo: @made_berry

Online courses cover the same materials and techniques as our studio-based courses: Drawing, Printmaking, Painting and Sculpture. Working from life, both indoors and outdoors, from art in impressive online museum collections and from the imagination, students are able to explore subject matter including: portraiture, the clothed figure, composition, colour, still life, image and text, world imagery, narrative and mindfulness.

Your online courses were wonderful; I was very interested in the subjects and the teachers are remarkable ... We were safe, at home, with our tools and in our studio; and, the ambiance was friendly and warm, with constructive critiques and lovely comments on PadletPublic Programme student (online course)

Home Studio 1.JPG

Home studio, David Gardner

Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a home studio; whether you use a desk, a drawing board, a small sketchbook or the floor - drawing allows for a flexibility that mean we can continue to make work in the most restricted of circumstances.

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Photo: @rosievohra (Tutor)

The RDS classes online provided interesting and inspiring ideas as well as the connection to other artists that I truly needed during this time of lockdown ... I absolutely encourage other students, and professional artists, to try a variety of online courses at the Royal Drawing School. Public Programme student (online course)


Home studio, Alice MacDonald

Photo: @printsinfashion

I live in Paris, France ... Wifi permits these connections and, as it was said on one of the courses, the whole life inside home allowed us to connect with people from everywhere! So, if I must give advice to someone I would like to say: just do your choice, and book itPublic Programme student (online course)

The second half of Autumn Term starts on 26th October. See the full list of 5-week online courses here

Online 5-day Christmas courses will be available to book soon...


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Christmas courses open for booking soon...