Our top talks with women artists, authors and curators for International Women's Day

March 5, 2021

To mark International Women's Day on 8th March, we ve rounded up some of our favourite talks from our Wednesday evening series, featuring talented and inspiring female artists, art historians, curators and authors. 

Somaya Critchlow and Isabel Seligman in conversation 

Artist alumna Somaya Critchlow and Isabel Seligman, Curator in the Prints and Drawings Department of the British Museum,  discuss their understanding of the conversation between the art of the past and the present. They examine ideas about representation, the body and the nude, and the role of drawing.

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Griselda Pollock on Charlotte Salomon's Question Artwork: Life? or Theatre?

Renowned art historian Griselda Pollock takes us through the powerful and moving work of German-Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943), who died in Auschwitz in 1943, a year after she had created one of the most complex, fascinating and challenging artworks of the modern era. 

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Between Painting and Drawing: Eileen Cooper RA and Rachel Jones

Eileen Cooper RA and Rachel Jones, artists at different stages of their careers, take us through a day in the studio, discussing the realities of balancing studio time and earning a living. They share personal views on the changing experience of women in art school and the art world, and touch on the topics of activism, personal and identity politics. 

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An introduction to the New Hall Art Collection with Harriet Loffler

Curator Harriet Loffler discusses the past, present and future plans for the New Hall Art Collection, a collection of modern and contemporary art by women at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. It includes over five hundred works by international artists - including Judy Chicago, Maggi Hambling, Lubaina Himid, Dame Paula Rego and Cornelia Parker - and is considered one of the largest and most significant collections of contemporary art by women in the world. 

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A Studio of My Own: Bobby Baker and Sarah Lightman 

Artist and activist Bobby Baker in conversation with artist and writer Dr Sarah Lightman about a life of drawing. They talk about how they have claimed time and space to make work, as women and mothers.

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Letizia Treves and Catherine Goodman on Artemisia

Letizia Treves curated The National Gallery’s Artemisia exhibition, which included some of the artist’s best-known paintings as well as recently discovered works, such as the Gallery’s acquisition of Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Letizia discusses Artemisia's life and work with artist Catherine Goodman, exploring what it means to be a woman artist from the seventeenth century to the present.

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