Usually at this time of year, students would undertake a large-scale collaborative drawing workshop at the Trinity Buoy Wharf studios. Lockdown made this physical workshop impossible. Yet, with students working from home in isolation, the importance of working collaboratively became more urgent. 

Core Tutors Richard Burton and Josh Bilton devised and delivered an adapted workshop to reach students remotely. Over 5 consecutive Mondays in Summer term, the Foundation Year embarked on a new collaborative animation workshop.

Working in small groups, students took inspiration and imagery from contemporary poems to produce interconnected personal segments which were edited together to form collaborative films. Combining different approaches to drawing with moving image, the final outcomes are experimental - using elements such as live action, drawing, animation, animatic, found imagery, and cut-outs. 

Building on what they had learnt throughout the year, this workshop was an opportunity for students to develop their understanding of animation techniques and video editing. Mondays became a key meeting point in the week for students to share ideas and work together as a cohort.

Group A Abigail Rawe, Alberic Mould, Annabel Quick, Cassi Latham, Chinda Smith, Chloe Knight, Christie Lau, Daisy Berry, Ella Sambrook, Elly Murray Brown.

Group B Emily Pilling, Emma Simpson, Esme Ramlal, Ethan Frieze, Francesca Pavone, Freddy Williams, Freya Jones, George Turner-Gale, Harry Alexander, India Christie-Miller, Iris Cecil.

Group C Isidore Bishop-Sauve, Joseph Jenner, Khadija Begum, Leya Kamprad, Luc White, Luc Olsen, Manuela Amey, Maya Simms, Miranda Gray-Aragoneses, Patrick Jones.

Group D Paul Majek-oduyoye, Sajda Al Haj Hamad, Shizuka Homewood, Shula Rush Glew, Thea Opperman, Thomas Catmur, Timothy Hocking, Tomislav Latinovic, William McLucas, Ziqi Chen, Zoe Jozsa.