Francesca Tiley

The Foundation Year 2012-13
BA Graphic Design, Brighton University

Francesca Tiley

What drew me towards The Foundation Year was the intimate nature of the course and its focus on drawing. With a smaller number of students than most other Foundation courses, I also knew that I would receive all of the possible help and advice needed when choosing a university and degree. 

The emphasis on drawing was eye-opening and it has definitely shaped the way in which I now look at and analyse the visual world. The variety of tutors available to us on the course was really enriching as well. There was always someone to talk to about your work and, as each come from different fine art specialisms, you’re able to gain a range of perspectives. 

Whilst on the course I was introduced to a number of new methods. Sculpture and book making are two that I particularly enjoyed. I now study Graphic Design at Brighton University and my experience on The Foundation Year have been invaluable as they’ve encouraged me to approach projects from a different perspective. Having the opportunity to learn new methods has also helped me to determine my strengths and weaknesses. This was very useful to me when I was choosing a suitable degree course.

Whilst I don’t intend to follow a path in Fine Art, having chosen to study a design related degree at university, the techniques which I am learning on the course are still relevant to my work. I’ve found that the course has provided me with core skills which were never taught at A-Level, such as analytical drawing and colour awareness through painting.