Fees and Funding

Full scholarships 

The Royal Drawing School is committed to offering an alternative way to fund postgraduate education, helping students avoid significantly adding to any existing student debt. Every applicant offered a place on The Drawing Year receives a full scholarship and has their tuition fees paid for the year; this does not have to be repaid. The scholarship covers all courses, tutorials, forums and lectures as well as some study trips and a studio space. In addition, The Drawing Year offers a significant amount of contact time with tutors as well as providing working opportunities for alumni after graduation.

The course is structured to allow students to work part-time, in the evenings and at weekends, to assist them in covering their London living costs. 

New London Living Grant 

With the aim of making The Drawing Year accessible to all, the School has recently established a London Living Grant - a means tested grant of £3000 (per student) awarded before the start of the course. The grant is open to all new students, with priority given to anyone who can evidence financial need, and those moving to London to attend the course. 

Priority for the London Living Grant will be given in the first instance to those who meet the following criteria: 

  • Applicants re-locating to London to undertake study
  • Applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds
  • Applicants who have a disability and qualify for the Disability Living Allowance, Disability Premium, or Severe Disability Premium.
  • Applicants who receive Income Support, Job Seekers allowance, or Universal Credit under the conditions of being out of work.

Although there are no fees for the course, we recognise that the cost of living in London remains a significant barrier to many potential applicants. The grant aims to help students establish themselves in the city and to provide extended support for costs such as deposits, bills and travel. 

The London Living Grant is a one off, non-repayable grant, made to students before their first term at the School. Students will be able to apply for the London Living Grant, once they have been offered a place on The Drawing Year.

If you meet one of the above criteria and think you could benefit from support with your application, please see here further information about our Portfolio Support Scheme.

Grants and bursaries 

Students accepted on to the course may also apply to the School for a limited number of modest bursaries each term, which are means-tested. As well as these bursaries, should any students find themselves in financial difficulty during the term through unexpected changes in circumstances, they can apply to a separate emergency Hardship Fund for extra help with living expenses, travel and materials costs. Unlike a loan, students do not have to pay these back.

There are also a number of external grant-making trusts through which past Drawing Year students have had success in obtaining extra funding, and the School supports students as best it can by assisting with any applications. 


Drawing Year students receive discounts at most major London art shops. Students also receive free entry to all Royal Academy exhibitions.