Easter Holiday // Drawing into Painting: Portraits and Self-Portraits

This portrait class will give students the opportunity to explore portraiture and self-portraiture through a variety of wet media, from monochromatic to the development of a full spectrum of colour. There will be an emphasis on capturing a likeness, looking at the individuality of the person we are drawing and painting, trying to better understand their nuances, the structure of their head, their mannerisms, their clothing, as well as coming in close and drawing the model far closer than would be possible in the life-room. Students will be guided through the use of ink, watercolour, and gouache for the first three days, focussing on monochrome, building to a limited palette, and finally incorporating the full spectrum of colour. On the last two days, students may choose to use acrylic or oil paint.

Students will be given practical advice on painting surfaces, brushes, paints, and mediums as needed. Expect to develop skills and knowledge in colour mixing (tone, hue and tinting) and the factors that help one choose a limited palette (opacity and transparency, warmth and coolness, high and low chroma). Students will be guided through several set exercises in the morning, with afternoons culminating in longer paintings to cement the morning learning. All levels welcome.

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Featured image by Alice Macdonald