In this class we will draw from the life model, approach drawing as a way of paying sustained, open minded, unmediated attention to something outside of ourselves. The intention is to develop independent, personal habits of drawing that are perfectly honed to help us to become more, present, alert and aware of our senses, mental processes, and the world they allow us to experience. We will do this by attempting various drawing challenges then looking at and discussing what we have made and how it felt to make it. The focus is not on learning how to make a good or attractive drawing; who's to say what that is? Rather it is to see drawing as an immensely powerful and versatile tool for learning about the world. 

A class is a communal experience and this has huge value, we will together create a safe space to work hard and be vulnerable, which can be equally scary for absolute beginners and experienced artists in different ways. This class is suitable for all levels, as long as you are looking for a challenge. Each of us will be on a personal journey, we will just be on that expedition in company.

Featured image by Kitty Rice