Young Artists Winter Holiday Course 1 (aged 10-15 years)

A Winter Masquerade

The oldest mask found in the world can be dated back to around 9,000 years ago. 

To adorn the face, to change appearance, and even to undergo a state of metamorphosis has been part of the human psyche since the earliest dawn of time. Masks are connected to magic, ritual, gods and monsters, and even to those favourite fictional characters and superheroes from literature, film and comic strips. The mask has been crucial in telling some of our most compelling stories.

As we meet in the midst of winter, we will use the mythology and folklore of this mysterious season as our starting point; thinking about characters who return into our lives each year, and delving into some lesser known characters and stories too. 

We will find inspiration from amazing masks of different eras and cultures around the world and look at contemporary artists who use masquerade in their artworks today. Then we will arrive at you, a cutting edge, emerging Young Artist, to see what kind of mask you can imagine, create and draw from in the studio. 

Collectively, we will bring together our masks and construct a winter masquerade narrative of our own, working in 3D form and drawing from observation. This is a day to reflect upon the narratives of the winter season, and to have fun and re-invent those stories too!