Christmas Holiday // Drawing, Painting and Materials: Internal Landscapes

A quiet theatre is a way of thinking about the formal space in which the still life will ‘perform’; the lemon on the plate is placed on a table below a paper bird suspended from the ceiling by a string and a constant cool reflected light illuminates your space.

Working from still life and surrealist traditions, we will explore our domestic spaces using personal collections of found and organic objects found everywhere in your homes: fruit and vegetables, ornaments, plants or jugs of flowers, any of these could be placed together on a surface. These set ups will be drawn from directly and indirectly. By developing assemblages, we will begin to create memory systems of our own internal narratives and landscapes.

Throughout the course we will consider the conventions of archives and museum displays, reflecting on ideas of permanence. The artefacts, scraps, fossils, minerals or souvenirs that we select will be closely investigated through observational drawing. Moving from drawing to painting, we will use a variety of techniques and materials to see how playing with combinations of images, surface, scale and colour, can alter meaning and emotion. Working from life and imagination, the student will be introduced to the process of empirical observation and at the same time encouraged to present information in a unified way; in the 'Light of the Whole.' 

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