Christmas Holiday // Ink, Mindfulness and Expression

“The world we see is a painting
Born from the brush of discursive thought”
- Gedun Gyatso, 2nd Dalai Lama, 1475-1542 

Using a few select materials and tools to allow for a sense of simplicity and focus, this five-day course will be an exploration into the act and art of drawing with ink.  Working from a wide range of subjects and resources such as the human body, the home environment and global art history, students will be encouraged to develop and refine an intuitive response; allowing the moment to express itself through line and form, wherein deeper connections both physical and metaphysical may be formed. Each session will start with warm-up exercises focusing on quality of line and play of materials, alongside mindfulness and breathing based practices.  

Unfortunately, we do not offer concessions on our Christmas holiday courses.

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