Christmas Holiday // Life Drawing (In Studio)

The excitement of life drawing is that there are two elements which have an enormous range of possibilities; first the drawing aspect which has a multitude of manifestations, and second is the life model which likewise provides us with an amazing diversity of the human being in all its richness, complexity, subtlety, and empathetic interaction. This course aims to embrace these possibilities and so examines, through drawing, the complexity of the body; from beneath the skin, finding structure, anatomy and exploring how to build the body, to then drawing on our understanding, our expressive, emotional, complex and interactive response. Drawing is an inquiry, a path and a process in cultivating and discovering a whole new world that is within and out.  As we begin our journey, it is through our practice that we create a new relationship with existence, and our imagination, ideas and dreams take their root in contemplation and the interpretation of the world in a creative exploration. All levels including beginners are welcome.


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