Christmas Holiday // Printmaking Without a Press (Online)

Whether you’d like to expand your art vocabulary or just have fun making Christmas gifts and cards, enjoy a week discovering print techniques that you can easily practise at home without a press. Starting each session with a demonstration, students will explore several different monoprint techniques, relief printing on lino, art vinyl or wood, and intaglio printing on card. Students will learn to make their own coloured papers for Chine Colle and experiment with colour layers and blended rainbow rolls. During each session there will be individual guidance. Students can choose to work directly from life set-ups, self-portraits, or use their sketchbooks. So, dig out your wooden spoon and apron, and together we will explore some printmaking recipes that will bring some Christmas cheer. 




  • Water-based or water washable relief printing inks are preferable. eg. "Schmincke" or "Caligo"

For mono printing:
  • A sheet of glass (from an old picture frame) or Perspex or a sheet of heavy-duty acetate or the back of an old etching plate or Formica tabletop

For relief printing:

  • Relief-printing vinyl (nice and soft to cut)
  • Lino
  • Plywood (Birch-faced ply is nice)

For intaglio printing:

  • old Tetra-Pak juice cartons
  • foil coated card
  • sealed mountboard (sealed with shellac or varnish)


  • Rollers - If you’re working with colour it’s useful to have several rollers
  • Brushes, pencils, palette knives, cotton buds, bits of rag, bits of card, old plastic loyalty cards, a ruler, knife, scissors
  • Wooden spoon seems to work well for rubbing the back of the print, also a baren  
  • Lino-cutting tools - you can buy a handle and a box of assorted blades. However, it is worth investing in at least 2 higher quality tools especially if wood cutting. (1 small V -shape. 1 small or large U-shape)


  • Please invest in good printmaking paper, poor quality paper will not print well. Thin papers are easier to handprint (80-100gm)
  • Japanese tissue (Sho-ji is good and fairly cheap)
  • Zerkall (100gm)
  • Maybe have a few sheets of heavier paper to try out e.g. Hahnemuhle (240gm) or Somerset satin  

Unfortunately, we do not offer concessions on our Christmas holiday courses.

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