Christmas Holiday // Animation: Metamorphosis and Transformation

This five-day stop-motion animation course is rooted in drawing from life but will quickly move into the fantastical. Focusing particularly on the theme of transformation or the 'grotesque' – defined by writer Remi Astruc as hybridity, doubleness and metamorphosis, we will find inspiration in works ranging from the sculptures of Messerschmidt to the paintings of Titian, Bosch and Poussin; from the texts of Kafka and Ovid, to the drolleries of medieval manuscript borders. Watching animations online we will be learning certain techniques, mediums and skills from a wide range of stop frame animators working on low budget and with basic equipment. We will work directly from life models, self-portraiture and film, breathing life into sequential still images and energising the hand drawn mark in order to lead the observed into stranger territories. No prior knowledge of animation is necessary.

Some basic equipment will be needed for this course, this includes::

Lots of paper and various drawing materials (more details regarding specific drawing materials will be provided once enrolled on the course).

A space set up so that you can photograph your drawings from above and save to your phone or laptop, this should include:

  • A camera -  ideally a separate webcam you can clip to a tripod but you could also use a smartphone camera, digital camera etc. You will need this to take photos of drawings as you make them and upload to your laptop/desktop.
  • A tripod - this will be essential for the course. You must have a way of keeping your 'camera' steady so that every photo you take is from the same position. Depending on whether you choose to use a camera, smartphone or webcam you can use a bendy tripod or flexible phone holder.
  • A stop-frame animation programme - An easy to use, low cost programme like iStopMotion by Boinx Software available for desktop or iPad or another option is Stop Motion Studio by Cateater, a free download for a phones and iPads. 

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Featured image by Joe Gamble