Easter Holiday // Painting Form and Figure: An Introduction to Colour

“One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well”   Vincent Van Gogh

Painting involves balancing a great many different elements, but colour can often seem the hardest to master. This course aims to demystify some of the processes of working with colour, offering advice through both theory and practice.

On the first two days we will introduce the basic principles of working with colour, building an understanding of how pigments work, and where they come from. Initial exercises will break the process of colour mixing down into simple stages, much like learning scales on the piano.  Students will work through a series of colour theory exercises, working from simple still life setups in their own spaces.

From day three we will expand to work from the model, initially focusing on close zooms of the hands and feet. The tutor will guide students in ways to capture the complexities of the human form using the brush and the mixing of skin colours. Using a limited palette of their choice, participants will learn to mix tonal values and relative warmth and coolness of the skin colours.

The final days will be dedicated to a more sustained painting of the whole figure using an extended palette of colours, allowing students to achieve the closest approximation of the colours they see, while also exploring the transparency and opacity of different pigments. 

The course will be supported by presentations, demonstrations, and additional cameras that show the colour mixing in real time. All levels welcome, including beginners. 

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Featured image by Phoebe Stannard