Easter Holiday // Painting Mythologies: The Figure and Beasts

Mythology has been an endless inspiration for artists through the ages. Originally these myths were profoundly held religious creeds but over time they appear to be more simply an attempt to make sense of our shared human existence. Shaped by retelling and contemporary events they have evolved into myriad forms using archetypal characters.  By turns playfully inventive, full of a worldly humour or coded moral warning they can shift to darker themes that plumb the unconscious depths. Using ancient and modern myths from around the world, we will explore issues around metamorphosis and gender, including more recent feminist readings and interpretations such as Angela Carter’s folk stories. Taking texts and art historical references as a starting point as well as potentially your own created set-ups, we will together weave the stories in the light of your personal imaginative vision. There will be a model working with us for four of the mornings. Students will be encouraged to work with or establish their own unique artistic voice. Artists as varied as Leonora Carrington, Eileen Agar, Frieda Kahlo, illuminated Medieval manuscripts, the Hanzanama and John Mafanguanjo will be our inspiration. During the week, we will move from water-based painting material within the first two sessions, to oil painting during the last three. Suitable for all levels including beginners.

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