Easter Holiday // Painting: Mythology and the Figure

Mythology in paintings often means concentrating the complex story of a myth, into one powerful image. Blind Orion Seeking the Rising Sun by Poussin and The Spinners by Velázquez are examples. Mythology has been one of the greatest inspirations for the visual arts through the ages. Stories and mythology are how we make sense of and construct the world around us. During the course, we will look at and take inspiration from ancient and modern myths from around the world, including more recent feminist readings and interpretations of older myths and stories. Working from the model in the life room, we will illuminate the myths and stories into our set-ups, and you will be encouraged to add drama and poetic licence, to what is in front of you. Students will be encouraged to work with or establish their own unique artistic style. At the start of the course, we will take inspiration from works by Artemesia Gentileschi, looking at and discussing how she used mythology and representation in her work. During the week, we will move from water based painting material within the first two sessions, to oil painting during the last three. Suitable for all levels including beginners.