Easter Holiday // Painting: The Studio Room in Colour

This painting course celebrates our daily surroundings and offers a practical excuse to set up a sumptuous visual theatre for formal, pictorial and aesthetic reasons to paint from, “an excuse to make Art”, as Degas once said about the theatre of ballet. Due to this extraordinary time for all, many artists’ homes have now become their studio, a microcosm of the world, a citadel into which we retreat to order and conjure reality. The intimacy of this private world allows us to create a paradise of visual richness, even if the world outside is very much at odds. You will be encouraged to work with an imaginative and personal response while working perceptually from your studio room environments. For an artist like Matisse, famous for conjuring up colourful set-ups within his studio, his primary and formal concern was to develop an abstract language to parallel as an equivalent to express what he feels.  

 Starting with preliminary drawings on day one using a variety of wet or dry mediums of choice that could include coloured pencils, chalk or oil pastels you will be introduced to the concepts of composition and pictorial structure. The focus will then turn to working on small scale colour study paintings, with a particular emphasis on ‘temperature of colour’. The final three days are structured towards working on a suggested larger scale and sustained paintings. One-to-one, group seminars, slide talks and live colour mixing demonstrations will be offered throughout. Suitable for all levels, including beginners. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer concessions on our Easter holiday courses.

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