Mindfulness and Drawing

Both drawing and mindfulness invite us to let go of thoughts as they arise and come back to the present moment - to that which is happening in and around us. In a fast paced world full of distraction, mindfulness offers tools to enrich and unify our day-today experience, giving us a chance to make clearer and more creative choices as well as improving concentration and reducing stress. Mindfulness is known to help people become more active, clear, imaginative and less resistant to change. Through combining these simple yet infinitely complex practises of drawing and mindfulness, we will open up a space for focused attention. In this age of phenomenal technology, the mind is easily distracted by external stimuli and craves instant gratification; on this course, we will be slowing things down and focusing the attention inward, on our sensory experience of a breath or a line. Working mainly from the life model, we will explore different ways of using our attention during the act of looking and drawing, with the aim of developing a more intimate relationship with the subject, drawing and ourselves. We will see how drawing helps to focus our awareness, and likewise the way in which we direct our minds, will have an effect on our drawings. Rather than having an ‘end result’ in mind, emphasis will be placed on the experience of drawing, as well as considering each other’s work without judgement. Students will explore diverse examples of mark making and the different emotions each express, to avoid limitations and preconceptions of what our drawings
should look like. Each class will emphasise a different aspect of mindfulness practice, and include short guided meditations throughout the day.

Please note that everyone will be asked to switch their phones off for the duration of these  sessions to allow for a stronger connection between the mind and the body (presence).