Summer School // The Drawing Marathon Week 2

Challenge the way you see and draw on our intensive Drawing Marathon.

Taught by over 20 different members of the Royal Drawing School’s faculty, with a variety of live online drawing experiences every day, this course is for anybody who wants to immerse themselves in the collective energy of an intensive drawing course and significantly improve their drawing skills. Students will be able to curate their own programme of drawing sessions from those on offer each day: drawing from models, the self, film or imagination, from objects in our homes, our gardens or landscapes around us, and from art in galleries and museums utilising their vast online resources. Students will also have the opportunity to explore experimental printmaking and its relationship to drawing.

Individual guidance will be given throughout the course, there will also be opportunities to participate in group discussions with each day culminating in a critique of students’ work. Some sessions will also include lectures by leading art historians, curators and practising artists. Students can sign up to the first or second week of The Drawing Marathon or choose to do the full two-week marathon.

Week 2 Schedule

Monday and Friday of each week, students will convene in larger groups of 15 to do a Drawing session. 

Students the choose one option from the three on offer each day:

Tuesday 14th July - 

 - Drawing Anatomy 

- Experimental Printmaking 

- Drawing Landscape (FULL)

Wednesday 15th July - 

- Drawing and Mindfulness 

Drawing from Film (FULL) 

-Drawing with Watercolour (FULL)

Thursday 16th July - 

- Drawing from the National Gallery

- Drawing a Story (FULL)

Drawing Portraits (FULL) 

Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. If you book early you are more likely to receive your first choices.

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