The Drawing Development Summer Programme (Online)

Designed for Public Programme students who want to progress their practise on an intensive structured course, this programme comprises three daytime courses a week from the Online Summer Term programme, two private tutorials and three mentoring sessions with our faculty of practicing artists; a group crit; and the Wednesday evening lecture series which will provide an art historical underpinning to the programme and dialogue with contemporary artists.

By drawing intensively and participating in a mixed curriculum of courses, along with in-depth tutorials, this course aims to really push our drawing forward and help us consider its role within our wider artistic practise and where to take it. This course would suit artists and designers wishing to develop the role of drawing in their practise; public programme students who are looking to take their drawing to the next level; students who are thinking about applying to The Drawing Year sometime in the future; or anyone who wants to improve and refresh their drawing over a sustained and concentrated period.

See what happens when you really push yourself….

This course is equivalent to:

  • 180 hours course tuition
  • 5 hours of private one to one tutorials and mentoring sessions.
  • 1 hour group crit.
  • 8 hours art history lectures / contemporary artist talks.


How it works

1. Book your place and once you have booked (either online or by telephone) you will be invited to make your course selections once the programme is completed.

2. Curate your own programme:

- Choose three to six daytime courses from the Online Summer Term, to total three days a week for the 10 week term. Places are offered first-come first-served basis so book early to avoid disappointment.

- You will automatically be added to the invite list for the Wednesday Evening In-Conversation Series, an evening programme of talks and conversations brought together by art historian/curator Dr Claudia Tobin. Contemporary artists, art historians, gallerists, curators and writers are invited to talk in these series.  Along with students studying on The Drawing Development, the talks are attended by The Drawing Year, The Foundation Year and members of the Public. Previous speakers have included Maggi Hambling, Cornelia Parker, T.J. Clarke, Edmund de Waal, Ian Jenkins, Sir Nicholas Penny, Chris Orr and Michael Landy.

3. Tutorials and Mentoring

- During weeks four and eight, you will receive one tutorial and one mentoring session online, each lasting one hour; and in week six an additonal mentoring session; five sessions in total. These are one to one sessions with a member of faculty, all of whom are practising artists.  You will be appointed a mentor, who will be the same person for all mentoring sessions and a different faculty member for each of your tutorials. You will be invited to share your drawings as well as work from your wider artistic practice (if that is not drawing).

 4. Group Crit

- At the end of the term students will be invited to participate in a group crit with other students studying on The Drawing Development. The crit will be led by a faculty member.

Please note that concessions are not available on this programme, a booking discount has already been applied to the total fee.

Please note that concessions are not available on this programme, a group booking discount has already been applied to the total fee.