Summer School (10-15 yrs) // Young Artists: Adventures in Drawing

Young Artists: Adventures in Drawing

One-week summer holiday course for ages 10-15
16th – 20th August, Monday–Friday 
10am – 4pm with a one hour lunch break

Adventures great and small help to shape the story of our lives. At a time where we can begin to celebrate togetherness and collective learning once more, we look to reconnect our Young Artists on a fascinating journey through imaginative drawing and creative collaboration. 

Through exploring the theme of adventure students will be inspired by drawing from animals, experimenting with scale, dissecting maps, turning drawings into sculpture and responding to poetry. There will be opportunity for students to work as a team and to further develop their individual drawing practice with an emphasis on composition and expressive mark making. Students will be supported through the collaborative process where they will be encouraged to express their individual ideas and listen to the ideas of others. 

With drawing at its heart, the course will include exercises where students will work together on a large-scale artwork, interweaving observational drawings of flora and fauna. Students will delve into the rich practice of map making and examine the individual journeys we take every day and where they intersect with others along the way.  

The week will culminate in a group interpretation of a journey-themed poem, where students are invited to become stage directors and see their drawings become part of a three-dimensional set.  

Book onto this course if you would like to learn the following skills:  

  • Combining drawings from observation and imagination 
  • Mark making 
  • Composition and scale 
  • Responding to poetry 
  • Team building and negotiation skills