Young Artists: Capturing Motion - Summer School Week 1 (10-15yrs)

Capturing Motion

One-week summer holiday course for ages 10-15
Week 1: 9th – 13th August, Monday–Friday 
10am – 4pm with a one hour lunch break

How do we transform the moving world into a still image? Even when drawing a still-life, our own eyes and body are moving. We will look at how to embrace these movements and use them to add energy to your artwork.

Young Artists will draw from film, a model, a musician and on-location in East London. We will carefully study how artists throughout time have invented ways of capturing movement in their drawings and paintings. Whether it’s George Bellows’boxers, Degas’ ballerinas or Kaneda’s motorbike in Akira; movement has been expressed with many different techniques.Throughout the week we will take inspiration from cartoons, graphic-novels, folk art, photography, painting, drawing and film.

Book onto this course if you would like to learn the following skills: 

  • Expressing motion in a still image
  • Developing your hand-eye coordination
  • Trusting the process of image making
  • Mark-making
  • Imaginative drawing