Young Artists: Creating Costumes- Summer School Week 1 (10-15yrs)

Creating and Drawing Extravagant Costumes

In this immersive five-day summer course, students will become fashion designers and set builders, developing a myriad of creative drawing skills as we delve into the world of costume and the body clothed. 

We will be exploring how clothing and costume can transform the human figure, what it means to the viewer when we change the familiar shape of the human form and how this altered state can inspire further expression of stories and ideas.  Young artists will require lots of collective energy as they translate their 2D and 3D work into vibrant wearable sculpture, asking the life model to respond to their designs through poses and movement. The group will then have the opportunity to work on drawings that examine the figure in motion, translating movement into vibrant marks on the page. 

We will take inspiration from the natural world and from found materials, using fabric and allowing expressive drawings to generate further forms and ideas. We will discover how artists, designers and musicians have experimented with wearable costume in their work such as Nick Cave’s Soundsuits and Zadie Xa’s Korean Mythology inspired ensembles. We will invite students to express their own ideas on form, texture and colour and share ideas with each other to achieve collaborative outfits. Students will also have the chance to work from their costumes in situate, building a set and adding further storytelling possibilities to their creations. 

With a focus on drawing skills, students will be challenged to work at various scales and to engage their imagination by working across visual disciplines. The tutors will demonstrate how they can build texture and form into their drawings, and by the end of the week, the costumes will become the subject of a large colourful mixed media work that aims to capture the visual energy of the group’s wearable art.