Young Artists: Drawing London - Summer School Week 2 (10-15yrs)

Drawing London: A City, A Stage 

Taking Wenceslaus Hollar’s ‘The Long View of London’ (1647) as our starting point - we will make London our canvas, our surface, our stage.  

Thinking about the very birth of the city, we will begin on the banks of the river Thames where old shards of pottery, bones and ancient treasure can still be found tossed up at low tide. Old ghosts reminding us of the many rich layers of our city, constantly in flow and flux.We will take inspiration from the many different creative movements born from the streets of London - arriving at you, a Young Artist, living in the very present moment of the city.  

 From William Shakespeare’s theatre company to Malcolm McLaren’s Punk scene; to the peak of St. Paul’s to the spike of The Shard piercing the surface of the clouds; going underground into the nightlife of the 1980’s Blitz-Kids and rising in the sunlit cafés of Soho; reading TS Eliot’s poetry and watching Derek Jarman’s films. 

 From wide-ranging drawing exercises in the studio with a model, to venturing out into galleries and drawing the streets and people of London, let us take this city as a stage for expression and creativity / destruction and riot - let’s re-make and re-model it in our own artistic vision.