Young Artists: Drawing Londons Histories - Summer School Week 1 (15-18yrs)

Drawing London’s Hidden Histories  

This five-day course will offer Young Artists the opportunity to discover London through a lens of imagination and creativity. Students will use drawing to explore the myths and legends that thread their way through the city. Hidden histories will be uncovered on visits to a range of venues that embody the city's storytelling traditions. Each day of the course will take inspiration from varied aspects of film, literature, theatre and art history. 

Students will learn how to draw a visual story. Throughout the week, they will gather tools and techniques to build their own personal narratives. Drawing from life will form the foundation for each drawing, and from there students will be encouraged to let their imaginations run free. The week will provide a rich array of sources and references to work from. Starting points for a drawing might include a life model personifying a character from Shakespeare, a fairy story set in London, an intricate costume, or the concealed history of a building.