Young Artists: Drawing Nature and Animals - Summer School Week 3 (10-15yrs)

Drawing Nature and Animals 

Humans have long been drawn to nature, evident in the earliest palaeolithic wall paintings of bison, horses and deer. The act of drawing is itself a primal instinct; we have an innate desire to observe and respond to our surroundings, to make a mark.  

This holiday course will focus our attention to nature, and ask us to consider how we can use art and observation to reconnect with the world around us. What does nature mean to us now, in the present day, in the city? While we have spent an increasing amount of time inside and online over the past two years, this course aims to bring the natural world closer, with an emphasis on curiosity, discovery and creativity.  

We will be based in our studios in Shoreditch, with out-of-house trips to explore nature in the city and in contemporary exhibitions. We will draw outside, seeking out plants and animals in local parks or farms, and capturing the living, changing environments in which we find ourselves.  

We will work in the studio from observation of the life model, and to access the imaginative potential of nature by constructing and then drawing from our own internal landscapes and bestiaries.  

Young Artists will be encouraged to work from a range of senses including the visual, tactile and auditory, and to explore mark making and representation through diverse materials and approaches. This will be an open space in which Young Artists can work both independently and collaboratively, share interests and ideas, and develop their own personal drawing style.