Young Artists: Drawing Outdoors - Summer School Week 2 (15-18yrs)

Observing Our World: Drawing Outdoors

During this course students will be drawing out-and-about in London and will visit a different outdoor venue or area each day. Young Artists will be encouraged to work outside in their sketchbooks, but if the weather is inclement there will be an indoor venue close-by where the group can take shelter and draw.  

Students will discover the frustrations and the pleasure of drawing from observation in the chaotic everyday world. They will be given strategies for speed drawing and capturing movement and will experiment with a broad range of wet and dry drawing materials aimed to increase the pace and fluency of working.  

Over the five days students will learn to redefine what makes a ‘good’ drawing under challenging and sometimes difficult conditions. Limited time and the sheer complexity of the real world in-motion means the outcomes will be very different from a studio-made drawing. The students will learn to reflect on and appreciate these drawings using a different eye, mindset and vocabulary, broadening their understanding and appreciation for different types of drawing and discovering how they can be useful for developing an artistic practice. 

This course is ideal for students who have previously taken studio art classes and want to apply their drawing skills outside the tame (by comparison) studio environment. However, beginners are also welcome and encouraged – this is for anyone who wants a challenge!