Easter Holiday // Epic Journeys! // Young Artists (aged 10 -15 years)

Epic Journeys! 

This course will take students on a 4-day journey where they will encouter the ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns of making art! We will take influence from epic emotional and physical journeys depicted in art, from Turner’s ‘Snow Storm: Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps’ to Lubania Himid’s paintings of African migration.  

We will reflect on our past personal journeys, big and small, and develop our imaginative drawing skills by inventing our own narrative journeys. With the help of the life model, students will learn to depict movement from observation and document the local area during an expedition to Arnold Circus. We’ll play with narrative sequencing by looking at how graphic novels are made and learn different book binding techniques to contain our imaginary voyages. 

*Please note this course may also include out of house trips and drawing outside.

Students will: 

Develop skills in observational drawing and drawing from memory 

Surrender to the unexpected nature of art-making and be surprised the work that they create! 

Gain confidence in expressing their own individual artistic voice   

Become comfortable working in a playful and experimental way 

Be introduced to new artists, both historic and contemporary 

Join a small group of likeminded artistic students 

Benefit from one-to-one tuition  

Experience working from a professional working studio 

Leave with their own bound book containing the week’s work 

This course is for you if you are interested in: 

Life drawing 


Journeys, travelling and voyage 

Artistic processes and techniques  

Imagination and personal memory 

Location drawing 

Narrative and storytelling.