Young Artists Easter Holiday Course 2 (aged 10 -15 years)

Drawing Outside the Box

Create your own world on paper, and beyond! 

Explore your imagination through model making, set building and drawing. On the course we will use a mixture of sculptural and two-dimensional methods developed by artists such as Lubaina Himid, Paula Rego, and Nicolas Poussin. 

We will engage with the theme of The Dance - one that has traversed art history – as a starting point for communicating our unique artistic vision. We will play with colour, light, mark-making and space to create atmosphere, emotion and drama for our worlds. 

Emphasis for the course will be on expanding and strengthening our connection between our imagination and the work we make. By the end of the course, students will have created their own miniature diorama; worked together to produce a large-scale set for a life model; and created many drawings that function as preparation for, transformation of, and ultimately an end response to, the worlds we have built. 

Join this course if you are interested in...

  • Sculpture and working in three-dimensions
  • Set design
  • Life drawing
  • Costume and theatre
  • Colour and light
  • Imagination
  • Collaborative work

What you will take away from this course...

  • A diverse body of sculptural and two-dimensional works in response to the theme of The Dance.
  • The experience of working in a professional studio environment.
  • An introduction to a range of artists, from classical French baroque to contemporary
  • Learning to work both collaboratively and on our own unique artistic visions through group and individual activities
  • Use of an interesting range of materials to realise our ideas such as modelling wax and costumes
  • Improved confidence and enjoyment of creating artwork!