Young Artists Online: Drawing Club Scotland Aged 10 - 14

This weekly Drawing Club is free for 10-14 year old students based in Scotland who have a passion for drawing and a desire to improve their skills. The weekly class will lead students through a range of observational drawing exercises and introduce a broad range of historic and contemporary artists. Students will be encouraged to make regular use of a sketchbook and build up a high-quality collection of drawings. Drawing in this way encourages close concentration and helps students to develop the ability and confidence to make a personal response to the world.

The Drawing Club is led by professional artist Gabrielle Lockwood Estrin, who is alumni of our postgraduate programme, The Drawing Year, experienced in teaching children, and based in Scotland. 

Students will draw from clothed models, still life set-ups and the outdoor environment available to them in a secure and fun online studio. The course will take inspiration from Scottish works of art and collections throughout the country. A list of advised materials will be provided in advance of the course.  

The course is funded by our charitable donors and as such we are looking for Young Artists who are able to commit to regular attendance every week of the term.