Young Artists Summer Holiday Portfolio Preparation (16 - 18 years)

Summer Holiday Portfolio Preparation Course 

 This two-week intensive course for Young Artists aged 16-18, is designed for those considering applying to art school. The portfolio is an essential part of all applications to degrees and careers in the creative industries, from Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration to Filmmaking, Animation and Architecture.   

This course will focus on observational drawing to develop students’ creative process, problem solving, idea generation, research skills, contextual knowledge and self-expression.  Each student will have a taste of the authentic art school experience; they will encouraged to experiment with extensive media, try new techniques and develop research skills as well as encouraging discussion and group critique. Students will receive bespoke guidance on art school applications, personal statements and portfolio preparation, tailored to the unique requirements of each individual.     


Week One: Drawing in the Studio and Contextual Studies:  

In week one, students will focus on developing seeing and thinking skills through drawing from observation. Students will experiment with mark making, scale, tone, composition, and colour mixing. These intensive sessions will include drawing from the model, imaginative studio sets, and drawing outside, using the world around them as a resource for ideas and inspiration.  

On the final day of week one, students will participate in a masterclass with a guest tutor, to gain experience in relevant drawing-adjacent specialisms. They will have the opportunity to speak to and ask questions of a professional working in a creative field. 

Students will visit leading London galleries to draw from the collections and installations in both weeks, to gain a good grounding in art history and contemporary practice and develop confidence in the analysis of visual imagery. Research carried out in week one will inform week two.  


Week Two: Practice:  

Back in the studio, project-based learning will be used to explore the practice of art and design. Introducing concepts and approaches such as narrative, context, print, moving image, construction skills, imagination, and movement to push the limits of observational drawing.  Students will receive individual feedback, advice on art school applications, including portfolio preparation, and personal statements reviews. 

Over the two weeks, students will become familiar with the art-school practise of the group critique by taking part in regular discussions designed to build confidence in analysing artwork, expand artistic vocabulary, and test out thoughts and opinions with their peers. 

On the final day of the course, students will conclude the week by curating and hanging an exhibition of selected works in a sharing session for family and friends from 3.30-4pm. 


Join this course if you are interested in: 

  • Going to art school. 
  • Developing a portfolio. 
  • Advancing your drawing skills. 
  • Learning new techniques and working with new materials. 
  • Building confidence before going on to foundation or degree level study. 
  • Meeting other students with a passion for drawing and art. 

This course takes place on week days Monday to Friday and is based at the Royal Drawing School. This course will also include out of house trips to other venues, museums or galleries. Full details will be provided in advance.