Young Artists Winter Holiday Course 1 (aged 10-15 years)

Creative Costumes and Performing Patterns!

This special one-day winter course is inspired by costume and performance, revealing how clothing can bring character, life, movement and colour to our drawings.

We will spend the morning working collaboratively to create large sheets of colourful patterned paper which we will later transform into costumes and collage. We will dive into the world of Max Ernst's 'frottages’ or ‘rubbing’ technique and experience the transformative effect that music has on the rhythm, speed and emotion of our drawings and marks.

We will then take inspiration from artworks, costumes, stage sets and installations created by artists such as: David Hockney, Maurice Sendak, Anthea Hamilton, Anne Carney Raines, Ralph Koltai, Japanese Ukiyo-E Woodblock prints and Sonia Delaunay.

As a group, we will design 3D costumes and a stage set for our life model to pose in. We will then translate the drawings into sculptural paper garments, using the sheets of patterned paper created earlier.

We will dress up our life model and set up their stage, allowing the costumes to buzz and come alive in front of our eyes!

  • Students will be introduced to a new world of artists, set makers and costume designers to draw inspiration from.
  • They will be introduced to different picture making techniques, ways of drawing and how to make 3D sculptural costumes.
  • Students will leave with a freer and more confident way of working, and an ability to embrace ‘mistakes’ and the unexpected.
  • Students will work collaboratively with their fellow Young Artists.