Course Structure

The course runs in the Autumn Term, starting 5 September and finishing 26 November 2022.

Orientation: During weeks one and two of the course, classes will map out the foundations of drawing through a variety of workshops, which introduce skills, techniques, and approaches to materials that equip students for the rest of the programme. It will also be a chance for students to meet their peers and tutors in a welcoming environment.

Weeks 3–12: The School’s curriculum covers drawing into painting, sculpture, illustration and printmaking. Students learn together for two days each week in the programme’s set classes. For the other three days of the week, students chose from a variety of different courses, tailoring learning to their personal and academic interests. Students are helped to make informed decisions about course choices and are supported in carving out their own path of study and discovery.

Critical component
Alongside practical study, the critical component of the course stimulates independent thinking and learning. Once a week, students will take part in a critical visual study day with lectures and curated visits to print rooms, museums and contemporary galleries. Explore how drawing can help us connect to and understand our world, the arts, and the sciences. On these days, students will address the links that can be made between disciplines and group discussions will provide opportunities for students to form and articulate their ideas amongst their peers.

Ongoing correspondence 

There is an option for students who want to develop their practice over a whole year to be paired with a personal tutor. A constructive correspondence with a practicing artist can help transform and focus your work while undertaking other commitments such as work and travel and help set you up for your next educational steps.