The Drawing Gap curriculum covers drawing, painting, sculpture, illustration and printmaking. Alongside the weekly core programme sessions, students curate their own term, choosing from different courses and tailoring learning to their personal and academic interests. Students are helped to make informed decisions about course choices and are supported in carving out their own path of study and discovery. 

Courses at the Royal Drawing School are divided into different areas: Drawing in the Studio, Drawing from Art, and Drawing London. There are also specific courses designed to investigate the role of imagination in drawing from observation. Students are encouraged to explore all of these as they complement each other and contribute towards seeing, drawing and learning in new ways.

Alongside practical study, the critical component of the course stimulates independent thinking and learning. Once a week, students will take part in a critical visual study day with lectures and curated visits to print rooms, museums and contemporary galleries. Explore how drawing can help us connect to and understand our world, the arts, and the sciences. On these days, students will address the links that can be made between disciplines and group discussions will provide opportunities for students to form and articulate their ideas amongst their peers.