The Drawing Gap is a springboard to undergraduate study and creative careers for school leavers. 

An intensive, skills-based, foundational course taught by the Royal Drawing School's prestigious faculty of contemporary fine artists in Shoreditch, London. An experience aimed at 18 - 23 year olds and gap year students in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, taught full-time over 3 months.

Broaden your creative thinking and problem-solving skills through an immersive fine art course tailored to school leavers. Over one term, students will become part of a creative community and learn how drawing can be the starting point for all creative disciplines. Classes include tuition on painting, printmaking and sculpture.

This structured, practice-led course has been created to build student’s confidence in visual literacy, and to stimulate links between the arts and other disciplines, preparing students for university and professional life. 

Taught by the Royal Drawing School’s renowned faculty of practicing artists, students will acquire technical, observational, and communication skills through sustained drawing practice. Visual alertness will be honed by learning how to look with concentration and record and interpret the observed world. This proficiency in rendering visual ideas will build student’s confidence, and create transferable skills that aid effective communication across the arts and sciences. 

This course is ideally suited for students who are aged 18-23 who are continuing their art education, and those who may not be heading to art school but want a foundation of creative and visual skills.

Who is this course for?

The short intensive nature of the course will benefit a range of students, including:

  • School leavers who are unresolved about their future path
  • Students who already have a confirmed place at university and want to strengthen their creative skills on their gap year before starting on their BA
  • Those who have a job or apprenticeship lined up and would like to prepare by developing their visual thinking skills
  • Those who wanted to study art at school but prioritised other subjects and would like take their first steps on a creative career path

Benefits of the course

  • Learn foundational skills-based drawing techniques from an experienced faculty 
  • Join a diverse but small cohort of students 
  • Have space to decide where you want to take your further education or professional development
  • Choose courses from a wide range of mediums, including drawing into painting, sculpture, illustration and printmaking 
  • Cultivate your personal sense of creativity and problem-solving abilities 
  • Apply your visual analytical skill to other disciplines 
  • Develop visual knowledge by building your own syllabus from a wide array of classes 
  • Interrogate our complex visual world and explore diverse viewpoints 

By committing to one intensive term after leaving school, students can explore the different choices available to them whilst developing fundamental interdisciplinary skills. This shorter, mini Foundation course format is aimed to fit flexibly into competing priorities of school leavers, such as travel, job and course applications, and work experience. 


The course is taught by a faculty of over 75 distinguished artists and experienced teachers many of whom are young contemporary practising artists who have graduated from our postgraduate-level programme, The Drawing Year