Summer School for Young Artists runs from 5 August to 23 August 2019. Week long drawing courses for young artists aged 11–15 years provide the opportunity for serious sustained drawing tuition during the Summer holidays. These courses will help children develop their skills in a productive studio environment. All courses run at the Royal Drawing School Shoreditch.

Courses run from 10am – 4pm, Monday to Friday. Students will be taught by a Young Artists tutor and an assistant tutor with a maximum class size of 20 students.

Holiday Course Fees £280 per week. Limited scholarship places by invitation.

Week 1 / Figure and Costume
Monday 5 August to Friday 9 August 2019
Tutor: Elizabeth McCarten

Throughout history art has represented people’s status or trade through their clothes. In this course students will look at the clothed figure, working from live costumed models in the studio, creating paper costumes and props and visiting the costume galleries at the Museum of London. How does the figure moves within their clothing? How is clothing such as uniform fit for certain duties? And how does fashion change through the ages in relation to the body. Short studies and longer sustained drawings will lead to a small portfolio of work on this theme. 

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Week 2 / Animals and Nature
Monday 12 August to Friday 16 August 2019
Tutor: Chris Wallbank

Adopting the mind of an explorer you will look in detail at materials from nature as both an inspiration and a resource for drawing. Small studies of abstract forms will contrast with large scale works that attempt to capture the atmosphere of dramatic landscapes. The week will include a drawing session from live animal as well as preserved specimens in a museum. Since the earliest cave drawings, animals and nature have been a rich source of mythology and an examination of prehistoric art will inform the week.

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Week 3: Pictures and Words
Monday 19 August to Friday 23 August 2019
Tutor: Judith Hagan

Using poetry as a starting point, this week will look at the power of drawing to bring an imagined world to life.  The poet creates images in the mind, the artist coaxes them into the world. Using both tonal and coloured materials students will look at the interplay between words, image and text. The course will include a visit to the British Library and a look at the art of typography – text as sculpture and as drawing - before students work on their own contemporary illustrated manuscript.

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