Ananda Holland

Age 16, Young Associates Trinity Buoy Wharf


Q. Who is your favourite artist and why?
I am very interested in Paul Klee's use of colour, and I admire the way he uses gradations of tone to make his colours harmonise together. I also love the textures and shapes he uses, his compositions are balanced in a beautiful way.

Q. Why did you join the Young Artists?
I have been interested in art for a long time and was selected by my primary school to attend the drawing club at the V&A Museum of Childhood. 

Q. Which session did you enjoy at the Royal Drawing School and why?
A session I particularly enjoyed was the oil painting session we had at the start of the year, I love to paint. I also liked the printmaking sessions we had, because it let us experiment and discover a new way of working

Q. How has attending the Young Artist's club helped you develop your work?
The club has introduced me to many new materials and processes, and helped me become more confident and interested in exploring new ways of working.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
I want to do a foundation course after I finish my A-levels, and after that go to art school. I would love to have a career in the arts, particularly film.